Lead Acid Battery Rejuvenator Fix Your Own

$ 8

--------THIS ITEM IS A PDF FILE WHICH COMES ON CD -------- if you are like me you have many pieces of equipment that each have a battery . in the coarse of a year i have troubles with most of them if i dont use that particule machine enough . i got sick of needing new batteries all the time or moving one good battery from machine to machine . this document will show you the method i use to bring most of my dead ones back. this will not fix every battery . i dont want to mislead you . it will simply let you know how i do mine . this starts by explaining simply how batteries work . that way when i show you how i fix them you will have a basic understanding of why it works . THIS ITEM WILL SHOW YOU HOW I FIX MINE AND COMES ON CD IN ADOBE PDF FORMAT. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS PLEASE ASK . IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR OTHER WIND GENERATOR PARTS OR DOCUMENTS TO SHOW HOW I BUILT MY OWN PERMANENT MAGNET ARMATURE GENERATOR CHECK OUT MY OTHER ITEMS . IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN CHEAP HEAT, FUEL, INDUSTRIAL ITEMS OR OTHER OLD PARTS , CHECK OUT MY STORE BY CLICKING ON THE LINK BELOW. I APOLOGISE -BUT - I DONT SHIP CDS OUTSIDE THE US . I CAN OFFER A DOWNLOAD OPTION IF YOU WISH. EMAIL ME --FIRST--AND STATE THAT YOU LIVE OUTSIDE THE US. --------THE VOM AND THE DEAD BATTERY IN THE PICTURE ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS LISTING If you are interested in all of my pdf file for one low price check out the --Handyman Special--- at http:stores.ebay.comTOPPENTECH?_rdc=1 MIKE and DONNA of TOPPENTECH I TRY VERY HARD TO DESCRIBE THIS LISTING ADEQUATELY. Please read it carefully. The negative feedback I do have is from customers who seem to only look at pictures --and do not read-- the description. THIS ITEM CONTAINS ---ONLY A PDF FILE---.

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